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Wafer Machines

Manual Wafer Baking Machine

Wafer Machine are used for the manually operated production of cream wafer biscuits. They are characterized by simple mechanism study and flexibility. These machines are low cost and economical in operation.


Depending on the output required they can be supplied with 6, 9 or 12 Wafer baking tongs. Cream spreading table, cutting machine, batter and cream mixer and packing machine ensure that production is continuous.

Batter Preparation A mixer of wheat flour, maize starch, vegetable fat and preservative colours is churned into a paste in the batter mixer.

Machine Operation (6 WT) The batter is fed to a pre-heated wafer tong by a special dosing device. Baking takes 1-3 minutes. The baked sheets are cooled. Subsequent operations are creaming, sandwiching & cutting. The cut wafers are then ready to be packed.

Baking Plates

The plates are made of special alloy. The selection of alloy and the casting procedure ensures dimensional stability, a homogeneous and dense surface, thermal stability, good heat accumulation characteristics and excellent thermal conductivity. Special finishing is done to ensure trouble free release of wafer sheets. The wafer thickness is quickly and easily adjusted by applying spacing shims.

Batter Preparation

Wheat flour, maize starch, vegetable fat, preservatives, colors etc is churned into a paste in the batter mixer.


The batter is fed to pre-heated wafer tongs by a special dosing device.Baking takes1.5-3 minutes. The baked sheets are cooled.

Subsequent Operations  

a) Creaming : Manual application of cream on a wafer sheets by a spatula

b) Sandwiching : Double up the layers to prepare books.

c) Cutting : WCM Machine a screw operated device complete the wire cutting of wafer book to the desired cut sizes.

d) Packing : The cut wafers can be flow wraped as required.

Techincal Specification of Wafer Machine
Wafer Machine
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